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We offer metallurgy training that teaches metallurgy principles that apply to real-world engineering decisions and problems. Earn a certificate. Designed for non-metallurgists.

Our practical approach for learning metallurgy will help you make better decisions, solve problems faster, gain confidence, and be more productive when dealing with metals.

For non-metallurgists who want a solid understanding of metallurgy principles.

Earn training credit and a certificate.

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Our metallurgy courses teach practical concepts relevant to real-world design and manufacturing situations. Be more confident and productive when dealing with metal questions, decisions, and problems.

Our metallurgy courses are recommended and sold by SAE InternationalAmerican Welding Society, Metal Service Center Institute, and Hand Tools Institute.

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Watch the introduction to our Principles of Metallurgy course, for free.

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Learn metallurgy of wrought aluminum, including effects of alloy composition, cold-working, and heat treating on strength.

Learn the parts of a corrosion cell, common corrosion mechanisms, and design approaches to prevent corrosion.

Learn electroplating process steps, coating properties and evaluations, and coating defects and causes.

Learn how Brinell, Rockwell, and microhardness tests are performed and how samples are prepared for testing.

Learn the analysis techniques and steps to perform a failure analysis of metal components and joints that failed by fracturing, corrosion, or poor manufacturing quality.

General Metallurgy | Course | Heat Treating |

Learn how precipitation affects metal strength and the effects of heat treating on metal microstructure and strength.

Covers metallurgical fundamentals of how alloying, heat treatment, and cold working are used modify metal strength.

Learn the metallurgical changes that occur during case hardening and effects of alloy composition and process parameters on steel microstructure and properties.

Learn about the metallurgy of carbon and low-alloy steel. This includes effects of alloy composition and heat treating on steel microstructure, strength, and hardness.

Learn metallurgical changes that occur during through hardening and effects of alloy composition and process parameters on steel microstructure and properties.

Learn how tensile tests are performed and the mechanical properties determined based on the test data.

  • "Principles of Metallurgy covered the foundations of metallurgy and effects of manufacturing processes needed to obtain desired mechanical properties. This information has been valuable during my work in both design and manufacturing. I highly recommend it for someone that could benefit from knowledge of the fundamentals of metallurgy."
    Chris M.
    Mechanical Design Engineer
    Oil & Gas Industry
  • The Principles of Metallurgy course was a great refresher and supplement to the Properties of Materials course I took in college. The content focuses on information relative to industry, which will help greatly in my day-to-day job functions.
    Alex Nocera
    Ensign-Bickford Aerospace and Defense
  • Well worth the time to do Metallurgy of Steel Heat Treating. It has given me more confidence in my job and given me a better understanding of some of the heat treatments used in the business
    Mark Winter
    Test House, Abbey Forged Products
  • I learned a bunch from this course. I needed an understanding of the heat treating and metals for our heat treating process in house. I now have a much better understanding of what is accomplished in the process along with understanding what could be a problem in our process.
    Tim Harris
    Gesipa Fasteners USA

Engineering certificate

Earn continuing education engineering certificate in metallurgy. Our courses provide continuing education credit and a certificate upon completion.

We have provided training to hundreds of companies and are recognized by some of the largest engineering associations as a leader in metallurgy training.
Engineering certificate

Metallurgy class sequence

Here's the metallurgy class sequences for the courses we offer.

If you are interested in steel metallurgy, take these courses:

  1. Principles of Metallurgy
  2. Hardness Testing and Tensile Testing
  3. Steel Metallurgy
  4. Steel Through Hardening
  5. Steel Case Hardening
  6. Metal Failure Analysis
  7. Corrosion of Metals
  8. Electroplating

If you are interested in aluminum metallurgy, take these courses: 

  1. Principles of Metallurgy
  2. Hardness Testing and Tensile Testing
  3. Aluminum Metallurgy
  4. Precipitation Strengthening
  5. Metal Failure Analysis
  6. Corrosion of Metals
  7. Electroplating

These sequences are the optimum progressions for building metallurgy knowledge.

Metallurgy courses near me

Our online courses are as close as your computer, phone, or tablet. Also, they are available when it is convenient for you.

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Metallurgy courses online free

We do offer online free metallurgy training. Here are free training options that we offer:

In addition, we offer the online courses listed above and videos of past metallurgy webinars that cover a variety of metallurgy topics.

Learn more about free metallurgy training.

Metallurgy training

Learning metallurgy online is an effective approach for gaining knowledge needed to effectively deal with design and manufacturing decisions, questions, and problems related to the metals used in products and equipment. This includes:

  • Materials selection for components
  • Reducing component costs
  • Improving quality and reliability
  • Determine the cause of quality problems and component failures

Leveraging metals engineering

Product design and manufacturing is complicated. So, why not take advantage of every tool available to make things easier? Even though millions of components are made of metal, metals engineering is under-leveraged at many companies. The result… lost opportunities to decrease product development time, design lower-cost component, solve reliability and quality problems faster, and innovate more.

Learn about the science of metals (metallurgy) and apply it to make engineering decisions and solve problems related to the metals used in a product.

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