Metallurgical engineering consultation

1-hour Metals Engineering Consultation

Metallurgy expertise without commitment

Get options, answers, insights, and next steps for design and manufacturing decisions and problems that involve metals.

Gain certainty, clarity, and confidence.

Have questions or a problem that involve metals, but don't have a metallurgical engineer on staff?

A one-hour engineering consultation will help you understand your options, data and information that's needed, and your next steps. You'll come away from the meeting with a clearer picture of the issue, answers to metallurgy questions, and a sense of additional engineering work that's required.

We handle all aspects of product design and manufacturing decisions, questions,  and problems involving metals.
Get one hour of metallurgy consulting
After you purchase the hour you'll receive an email to arrange a meeting time. Then we'll meet with your engineering team for the discussion. Send a few drawings and photographs with brief descriptions before the meeting to help us get warmed up on the topic.

Here are some of the decisions, questions, and problems we've handled:

  • Design review
  • Materials options for a component for a new product
  • Selecting a heat treatment or coating
  • Ways to reduce the cost of a component
  • Ways to improve component reliability
  • Next steps for products that keep failing product testing
  • Evaluating a new supplier
  • Supplier quality problems
  • Cause of manufacturing scrap and rework
  • Addressing systemic production quality issues
  • How to deal with frequent equipment breakdown
  • I have a lab report. What should I do with it?

Industrial Metallurgists, LLC

Providing metals engineering expertise for failure analysis and forensic investigations of metal components and products.
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