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Product design - A different perspective

Product design - A different perspective I’d like to talk about my perspective on products. To me, any product is […]

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Improving Fatigue Resistance

Fatigue involves localized, permanent damage to metals exposed to cyclic stress. In a previous article I discussed the fatigue mechanism. […]

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Podcast Episode 9: Learning and Professional Development

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.”― Benjamin Franklin In this episode I discuss […]

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Failure Analysis Case Study

Here's a video of an example of how failure analysis was used to improve the reliability of a component and […]

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Podcast Episode 8: Design for Manufacturability

In this episode I discuss Design for Manufacturability related to component fabrication and joining components by welding, brazing, or soldering. […]

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Failure Mode and Mechanism

In a previous article I discussed the degradation of materials due to exposure to stressors (use conditions) and how to […]

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New workshop series

Are you tired of dealing with product failures caused by degradation of materials? Do you want to ensure your design […]

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Presentation: What is Accelerated Life Testing?

Accelerated life testing. Sounds simple … right? We simply test faster! Great! But what does this get us? Many organizations […]

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Presentation - Stressors and reliability

The materials in a product's components and joints can degrade due to exposure to use conditions - steel screws corrode […]

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Fatigue is a common degradation and failure mechanism. It involves localized, permanent damage to metals exposed to cyclic stress. The […]

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Podcast Episode 7: Failure Analysis

In this episode I discuss failure analysis of component and joint failures during product testing or use and manufacturing problems […]

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New webinar - Leveraging Metals Engineering for Clarity, Confidence, and Certainty.

Leveraging Metals Engineering for Clarity, Confidence, and Certainty. It almost rolls off the tongue. OK, it's not particularly catchy. But […]

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Newly revised Tensile Testing course

We recently revised and updated our tensile testing course, adding more content and opportunities to apply the concepts taught. Also, […]

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Designing for Reliability

Because I’m a materials engineer, I see any product as a collection of materials that have been engineered, shaped, and […]

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I love being a metallurgical engineer

I knew nothing about metallurgy and engineering when I chose metallurgical engineering as a major. As a 17-year-old, I liked […]

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Podcast Episode 6: You have to think small to understand metallurgy

There are microscopic structures and processes in metals that have large effects on metal properties, performance, and reliability. Being able […]

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Thinking small

Fatigue cracks that originate at inclusions. Stainless steel intergranular corrosion due to chromium carbide precipitates. Low steel toughness because martensite […]

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Podcast Episode 5: Metals engineering perspective to component design

No matter the application, the considerations when designing a component are always the same. It’s necessary to understand all the […]

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Residual Stresses in Metals

When designing components for which fatigue or stress corrosion cracking is a concern, it’s important to be cognizant of the […]

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Podcast Episode 4: What is Metals Engineering?

Metals engineering is the application of metallurgy (the science of metals) to design and manufacturing decisions and problems involving metals. […]

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Steel Hydrogen Embrittlement

One failure mechanism that I’m frequently asked about is hydrogen embrittlement of carbon and low-alloy steel. So, in this article […]

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Podcast Episode 3: Lessons Learned as a Process Engineer

In this Metal Conversations episode I discuss two lessons I learned when I was a process engineer in a semiconductor […]

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Product Reliability: Selection and Control

The reliability of any product depends on the reliability of the individual components and joints within the product. Whether individual […]

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Why stainless steel is corrosion resistant

Stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance in many environments, with different alloys having different levels of corrosion resistance. […]

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Podcast episode 2 - How metals engineering fits in

I just posted my second podcast episode. In this episode I discussed my education, my experience working in a semiconductor […]

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The difference between strength and toughness

Metal strength and fracture toughness are important mechanical properties for structural components.  This article explains the trade-offs between strength and […]

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Metal Conversations podcast

I recently started a podcast about metallurgy and metals engineering. It's called Metal Conversations and is available on Spotify, Apple […]

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Example of Using Failure Analysis to Improve Reliability of Production Equipment

I just published a post on the Accendo Reliability website about an example of how failure analysis was used to […]

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1-hour metals engineering consultation

We just announced a new offering - a 1-hour metals engineering consultation. It's for design and manufacturing companies and organizations […]

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Course revision - Principles of Metallurgy

We just released an update to our popular online course Principles of Metallurgy. The update includes updated and new content […]

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Reliability Testing – Product vs. Materials

I just published an article on the Accendo Reliability website about the approaches for evaluating the reliability of the materials […]

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A teacher’s learning moment

Webinars have been a boon for learning. They have enabled people from anywhere in the world to learn new things […]

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Update - New Resources for Engineers

We've been busy the last few months, adding lots of new resources to help design and manufacturing engineers leverage metals […]

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Component Design Process article

I just wrote an article for the Accendo Reliability website. I discussed a component design process that explicitly includes materials […]

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Video - Turning lead to gold

We just released the video "Turning Lead to Gold - Leveraging Metals Engineering". Click here to watch it. Metal failure […]

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Writing for Accendo Reliability website

I recently started writing an article series about Metals Engineering and Product Reliability on the Accendo Reliability website. Here's a […]

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