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Reliability Testing – Product vs. Materials

I just published an article on the Accendo Reliability website about the approaches for evaluating the reliability of the materials […]

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A teacher’s learning moment

Webinars have been a boon for learning. They have enabled people from anywhere in the world to learn new things […]

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Update - New Resources for Engineers

We've been busy the last few months, adding lots of new resources to help design and manufacturing engineers leverage metals […]

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Component Design Process article

I just wrote an article for the Accendo Reliability website. I discussed a component design process that explicitly includes materials […]

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Video - Turning lead to gold

We just released the video "Turning Lead to Gold - Leveraging Metals Engineering". Click here to watch it. Metal failure […]

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Writing for Accendo Reliability website

I recently started writing an article series about Metals Engineering and Product Reliability on the Accendo Reliability website. Here's a […]

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