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Welcome to imetllc.com. Our site and company are dedicated to helping people solve engineering problems. For over 25 years, we have worked with clients to find solutions that work based on solid metallurgical principles. Our systems and processes have been used with clients from all over the world.

The secret to how we approach each situation is shared on this website. You can say it is an open secret. Great communication and teamwork are key cornerstones for our team working with yours.

As you visit our site, please reach out if you need help with a current issue. If you are planning for a new project and want metallurgical consulting, get to know us here on the site. We offer short case studies that on the facts and outcomes of our efforts.

Metallurgy Consulting for clients from around the world

We have enjoyed working with clients from around the globe. Thanks to the quality of internet communication systems, we can meet virtually in minutes and work on your issue right away. We regularly receive parts for testing, shipped by a client who we had a meeting with just a day before.

Failure Analysis when you need a problem fixed now

A great deal of what we do for clients is failure analysis. They are looking for answers to a difficult question, right now. So, it is natural that they are looking for a specialist with failure analysis skills. They are also looking for someone with the engineering skills to help them use the failure analysis results to identify and fix the root cause of the failure.

As a metallurgist, I enjoy failure analysis projects because I know my work has an immediate positive impact. Determining the metallurgical reason for a failure and then working with the client to determine the root cause and approach to prevent recurrence is very meaningful.

For each client, the need or problem is unique, but the path forward is the same. Our 6-step failure analysis process is a proven process that has worked for clients for over a quarter of a century.

Metallurgy Training Courses

Another joy of my profession is to share my knowledge with others. Not only as a published author on metallurgy, but through my metallurgy training courses. Each course was created in response to real world needs and demands.

Most engineers want practical knowledge that will help them deal with common, real-world situations. That is where my engineering experience and metallurgy knowledge makes a difference. Many find the courses helpful not only to get a better understanding of the topics covered, but to see problems and challenges from a different perspective. A six-hour training class may not provide you with a complete solution, yet they often can point you in the right direction.

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