Aluminum Metallurgy course for design, manufacturing, & quality engineers

Aluminum Metallurgy

There are a wide variety of wrought aluminum alloys, each developed to provide specific properties.  Getting the strength you need in an aluminum alloy requires knowledge of the effects of alloy composition, cold-working, and heat treating on aluminum metallurgy and properties.

A good understanding of how aluminum alloys behave and what can be done to modify their properties is critical for being more productive and profitable.

With knowledge of aluminum metallurgy that you’ll gain from this course, you’ll be better able to

  • Select the most appropriate alloy and heat treating process for your application
  • Evaluate suppliers
  • Develop manufacturing processes
  • Solve quality problems

What you will learn about aluminum metallurgy

The following aspects of aluminum metallurgy are taught in this course:

  • The different families of wrought aluminum alloys
  • Composition and strength differences between the alloy families.
  • Relationship between metal strength and the microscopic structures that influence strength.
  • Effects of cold-working, alloying, and heat treating on aluminum microstructure and strength.
  • Aluminum temper designations for cold-worked and precipitation strengthened alloys.

Course content

The course takes about one hour to complete and consists of 1 module and a final exam.  Also, quizzes and problems give you opportunities to apply the concepts taught.

Click here to see some of the slides from the learning module.

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Course certificate

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate for 1 credit hour (0.1 CEU's).

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1 hour, 0.1 CEUs

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