Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding whether to invest your time and money in one of our courses.

Practical, up-to-date content. Our courses teach the practical aspects of metallurgy without overwhelming you with academic details. Our courses are designed to be tools to help you get your job done better. No more, no less.

Expertise and Experience. All of our metallurgy training courses were designed by Michael Pfeifer, Ph.D, P.E., who has been a metallurgical engineer for more than 20 years. His practical experience in product design and failure analysis adds rich, real life examples to the course content.

Designed for the Non-Metallurgist. While the information is technical, you don’t need to be an engineer or have a technical background to grasp the concepts and see the practical applications. Many sales and purchasing agents have taken our courses over the years and recommended them to be more successful at their jobs.

Accessibility. To make materials engineering accessible to more people, I designed our courses to be engaging, interactive, affordable, and easy to use. You can access the material at work, on the train, at home, or anywhere you have 30 minutes and wi-fi connection. Purchase the material today and start when you are ready. The course material is ready for you to access anytime, as many times as you like for 3f months. (Why not lifetime?)

Engaging Content. We spend a great deal of time thinking through the content and logical progression of our courses to make sure the information is focused, complete, and practical. Each course consists of slides, video, and audio narration.

Convenience. We’re all busy. We need training, but time to train is a luxury we may not have. That’s why we designed our courses to be modular so you can train yourself in bite size pieces or all at once. There is no excuse not to get the knowledge you need to apply to your job and succeed. Our shortest course takes about 30 minutes to complete. Our longest takes about 6 hours to complete in its entirety but we’ve broken the course into modules no longer than 30 minutes so you can learn during your lunch hour, on the train ride home, or after dinner.

Avoid the Overwhelm. While we do offer onsite training for engineering teams, we believe that the online course format is one of the best ways to learn this material. You are in control and can learn at your own pace. You can stop, rewind, replay, and remind yourself of the content as needed. This enables better learning compared to trying to absorb a large amount of information during a one or two day live course, where the pace is set for a group and you can’t go back and relearn a module.