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What is Metals Engineering?

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In many of my articles and all over my website I talk about applying Metals Engineering (short for Metallurgical Engineering). But I realized that I haven’t formally explained what it is. So, here is an article about Metals Engineering.

Metals Engineering and metallurgy

Metals Engineering is the application of metallurgy (science of metals) to design and manufacturing decisions and problems involving metals. This includes selecting and developing materials for components, selecting and developing manufacturing and assembly processes, evaluating material and component suppliers, and solving component failures and quality issues.

One goal of Metals Engineering is to select metals and develop manufacturing processes that result in products that meet performance and reliability requirements at low cost.

Metallurgy is concerned with understanding the relationship between a metal’s properties and its composition, microstructure, and the manufacturing processes used on a metal. Properties of concern include those related to the following:

  • Performance - strength, hardness, stiffness, ductility, electrical conductivity, …
  • Reliability - Fatigue, wear, corrosion, …
  • Fabrication - stamping, forging, extruding, heat treating, …
  • Joining – Welding, soldering, and brazing
  • Physical and thermal – density, coefficient of expansion, …
  • Cost

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Applications of metals engineering

For product design, engineering the metals used in a product involves understanding all the properties requirements for metal components and joints and…

For manufacturing, engineering the metals used in a product involves …

And when there are product failures during testing or use, manufacturing quality problems, and production equipment failures, metals engineering involves…

Example of applying metals engineering

Check out the video on this page. It contains a real-world example of the application of metals engineering to the design of a component.

A product is a collection of materials

Every product is made of individual materials manipulated into different shapes and then brought together. So, where metals are used, it seems that there are lots of opportunities to engineer the metals to get the desired properties in components and joints between components.

Trying out metals engineering

And if you’re interested in learning more about metallurgy and metals engineering, here are some next steps:

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