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Presentation: What is Accelerated Life Testing?

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Accelerated life testing. Sounds simple … right? We simply test faster! Great! But what does this get us?

Many organizations are faced with a dilemma when it comes to testing to measure reliability. If we test an amazing new product in ‘at use’ conditions, it might take many years before it will fail. This is time we simply don’t have when it comes to product development.

So how do we test faster? One obvious answer is to increase the stress. Turn the temperature up. Increase the vibration. Use more voltage. But how do we get this right? How can we know that (for example) one week of accelerated testing is equivalent to 10 years of actual use?

This presentation will introduce you to Accelerated Life Testing or ALT to help you and your organization make reliability testing a reality.

January 24, 2023, at 8 am US Pacific time.

Presenter: Chris Jackson from Acuitas Reliability

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