Electroplating involves the deposition of thin layers of metal on to the surface of metal components and metal stock. Understanding the steps of electroplating processes and the factors that affect coating properties, adhesion, and defects is critical for supplier selection, solving electrodeposited coating quality problems, and writing thorough electodeposited coating specifications.

Watch this video of a past webinar to learn about the electroplating process steps, plated layer properties and their evaluations, and plated layer defects and their causes.

A pdf document of the webinar slides will be available for downloading. You will have 14-days access to the webinar recording.

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What you will learn

  • Electroplating process steps and critical process parameters
  • How coating properties are evaluated and effects of electroplating process steps on coating properties
  • Coating defects and causes
  • Considerations for selecting electroplated coatings and evaluating electroplating companies

The knowledge you’ll gain will enable you to make better alloy selection decisions, have more meaningful discussions with suppliers, and solve quality problems faster.

Target audience

Design engineers, manufacturing engineers, and quality engineers

Training credit

A certificate for 1.5 Professional Development Hours (PDH) can be earned after watching the webinar recording and successfully completing a short quiz.


Individual: The fee is $89 per person. After registering you will receive an email instructions about about how to access the webinar recording.

Group: Contact us for group pricing – mpfeifer@imetllc.com or 847.528.3467.

Just $89/person
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