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Metallurgy Training: Choose Any Single Video for Just $7!

Our video training will help you be a better engineer

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Why This Offer is Unbeatable

Select Your Focus: Choose the video that best suits your needs. Each video is a focused session on a specific topic, making it easy to target your learning efforts.

Expert-Led Sessions: Our videos are recordings of live training sessions led by industry experts. Gain insights and practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to your work.

Earn Certification Credits: Any video over one hour qualifies you for a training certificate.

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Enhance Your Professional Skills

Picture this: during a project discussion, a metallurgical issue arises. It stumps others, but you confidently propose a solution based on a concept you learned from one of our videos.

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Gain metallurgy knowledge to:

Design Cost-Effective and High-Quality Components: Cut costs without compromising quality.

Quickly Resolve Metal Failures: Become the go-to problem solver with swift, reliable solutions.

Choose the Best Suppliers: Make informed decisions that ensure superior materials for your projects.

Communicate Effectively: Elevate your discussions with customers and suppliers, establishing your credibility and expertise.

Select Your Video and Purchase Now - Instant Access

Access all of our webinar recordings for one year for $399. This is more than $400 savings compared to purchasing the videos separately.

Learn the steps and metallurgical effects of the precipitation strengthening heat treatment used with aluminum alloys. Includes a discussion of critical process parameters and their effects on aluminum microstructure and strength. For design, manufacturing, and supplier quality engineers. Earn 1.5 hours training credit.

Learn about the metallurgy of gray and ductile cast iron, including the effects of alloy composition and casting process.

Learn about metallurgical changes that occur during cold working and annealing, the effects on metal strength and ductility, and the impact of annealing temperature and time and amount of cold working on annealed metal grain size.

Learn about design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) principles that involve consideration of component form and materials. Applying these principles is critical if you want to reduce time-to-market, reduce total production costs, and meet shipment targets.

Learn how to identify the conditions that cause degradation of materials and lead to component failure. You’ll also learn how the effects of stressors can be evaluated without having to build the entire product.

Learn about aluminum, magnesium, and zinc die casting alloys and factors that influence die cast component quality.

Learn electroplating process steps, coating properties and evaluations, and coating defects and causes.

Learn the five key metallurgy concepts that are critical to understanding and applying metallurgy to improve your manufacturing processes and products. These concepts apply to all metals.


Learn the key components of a galvanic cell, the driving force behind the corrosion, and the factors that influence corrosion rate. Learn considerations for selecting compatible metals and design methods to prevent galvanic corrosion.

In this course you’ll learn about the physics of the fatigue mechanism, design factors that influence component fatigue life, and practical ways to improve fatigue resistance.

Learn about the metallurgical aspects of each family of stainless steel alloys, the metallurgical differences between the families of alloys, and the metallurgical aspects of their strength and corrosion resistance.

Learn about stainless steel metallurgy with respect to stainless steel strength and corrosion resistance.

Learn how to identify alloys and mill conditions for an application. Case studies will be used for demonstration.

Start learning steel metallurgy fundamentals - phases present in steel, the iron-carbon phase diagram, and effects of steel microstructure on steel strength and hardness.

Learn how to perform a failure analysis for quality problems and product failures involving metal. Learn about failure analysis analysis techniques, how to work with metallurgists, failure analysis cost, and how failure analysis data is used to help determine root cause. Make lingering quality problems and unresolved product failures a thing of the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the video?
Once purchased, you can access your chosen video for 6 weeks, providing ample time to learn at your pace.

Can I earn credits for my selected video?
Absolutely! Any video over one hour qualifies you to earn certification credits, enhancing both your knowledge and your resume.

Is this $7 offer always available?
No, this special pricing is a limited-time offer intended to introduce more professionals to the quality of our training programs.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer today.

Enhance your expertise in metallurgy and propel your career to new heights!

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