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Speedy Webinars

Short, focused metallurgy training

Speedy Webinars are short, focused training on metallurgy and metals engineering topics that apply to product design and manufacturing.

Each webinar covers a narrow topic and offers practical take-aways for engineers.

Spend just 30-minutes to learn one engineering approach or concept that you can use right away. Would that be worthwhile? How about learning two or three?

Who should attend?

Engineers involved with product design and manufacturing will benefit from these courses. Learn the metallurgy details that you didn't learn in school and that you won't find by internet searches.

Invest in your knowledge and professional growth. Then take action applying the concepts to your job to make successful products, innovate, quickly solve problems, and be more productive.

If you are a new engineer, learn the engineering details that will help you get up the engineering learning curve faster.
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Webinar FAQs

Webinars are...

  • Offered using Zoom
  • A 30-minute presentation and 15 minutes for questions.
  • Recorded and made available to everyone who registers. So, don't worry about missing the live session.
  • $39 per person (please, no sharing).
Group Training Discounts

Registering for a webinar

  1. Click the webinar of interest from the list above to go to the webinar's page.
  2. Add the webinar to your cart.
  3. Checkout.
  4. You will receive an email about how to access the webinar.

Missed a webinar? Get the video recording.

Is there a topic you're interested in, but you missed the webinar? Purchase the video recording.

Or purchase access to all recordings for a huge discount.

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