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Metal Failure Analysis to Solve Real-Life Problems

Failure analysis will save your company money and time

What does your engineering team do when a product fails, when there's a supplier or manufacturing quality problem, when production equipment goes down because of a component failure? Have a team meeting to "brainstorm" the root cause of the problem and then try random things to fix the problem?

Though it sounds strange, this is a common approach. And it's no surprise that it's inefficient, frustrating, and ineffective.

Join Michael Pfeifer, Ph.D., P.E. when he teaches about metal failure analysis and how it's used to solve real-world problems.

  • Wednesday, April 13, 2022
  • 10:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m. central time

We use this proven approach to get the data needed to determine the root cause of metal problems.


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Solving problems requires data

Being able to quickly determine the cause of a metal problem requires data, not guessing or intuition. It starts with failure analysis of the problem component or stock metal.

Learn about failure analysis

This course will teach you how failure analysis is used to solve problems. This webinar is for anyone involved with product design and manufacturing and whose products include metal components.

The course covers the basics of failure analysis, how to use different metal analysis techniques, and how to use the information obtained from failure analysis to solve practical problems. Real-world case studies will be used as examples of how failure analysis is applied to solve metal problems.

Why Attend?

  • Learn a proven process for quickly solving reliability, quality, and equipment problems
  • Hear several real world case studies
  • Learn how to apply this data-driven approach to your business
  • Improve equipment up-time
  • Increase productivity
  • Find clarity

This approach offers you a way to eliminate engineering guesswork and stop wasting time with meetings to "brainstorm" the root cause of problems.

What you will learn

In less than 1 hour you will learn about:

  • Steps of a metallurgical failure analysis and how it fits in with root cause analysis
  • Common analysis tools used to evaluate metals
  • How the analysis data is used to determine the root cause of problems
  • How to identify four common fracture modes
  • How failure analysis is applied to different real-world situations

The first time you apply these methods you will be shocked at the time savings and clarity they provide.

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Recent Testimonials

“Working with Michael has been one of the best business decisions we've made in a decade. Applying his methods made a huge positive impact for us.”

“The Failure Analysis process we learned has been as impactful for us as lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. We're solving problems faster - so we're more productive and spending less money on scrap, rework, and repeating tests. And we're spending less time in meetings.”

Metal Failure Analysis to Solve Real-Life Problems

Components fail during product testing and use. Manufacturing and supplier quality problems occur. Equipment breaks down. The faster a root cause is found and corrected, the faster people can return to their normal duties and the lower the costs and delays associated with the problem.

Unfortunately, too many people don't recognize that failure analysis is a fundamental engineering tool. It's a critical part of the root cause analysis process. Knowing when and how to use it is critical if you want to fix problems quickly.

The engineers we've worked with are good, capable engineers. But many are unfamiliar with the failure analysis process, equipment, and how to use the data. So, they end up guessing and grasping in the dark for answers. The result is delays, added costs, and lost productivity due to the lingering problems. This happens in many organizations.

In order to put a new process in place in your operation, you need to understand it, and how the approach works. That is the entire idea behind this webinar.

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