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Leveraging Metals Engineering for Clarity, Confidence, and Certainty

Do these struggles with decisions and problems related to the metals used in your products sound familiar?

  • Sub-optimum component designs that cost too much, fail product reliability tests, and are a hassle to fabricate
  • Low manufacturing yields and throughput
  • Lingering reliability and quality problems
  • Missed opportunities to innovate
  • General confusion about what information is needed and how to get it when decisions and problems arise

These are all common issues when engineering teams don’t have metals engineering expertise. Instead, engineers try to use substitutes - the internet, handbooks, and suppliers - to try to cobble together information. It’s confusing, unproductive, and creates uncertainty.

Is this a surprise? It shouldn’t be. Expecting design, manufacturing, and quality engineers to also be metallurgy experts is unrealistic.

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Leveraging metals engineering

Leveraging metals engineering involves applying the science of metals (metallurgy) to make decisions and solve problems related to metals.

Business leaders and design, manufacturing, and quality engineers and managers should be interested in learning how to leverage metals engineering.  At least if they want to learn about an often-overlooked approach to design and manufacture successful products.

What you will learn

Attend this webinar to learn...

  • A proven methodology for designing better, low-cost components and solving metal problems faster
  • What is metals engineering
  • How metals engineering is applied to real-world decisions and problems

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