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Leveraging Metals Engineering to Design Better Products

Product design and manufacturing is complicated. So, why not take use every tool available to make things easier?

Metals engineering is under-leveraged

Even though millions of components are made of metal, metals engineering is under-leveraged at many companies. The result is missed opportunities to:

  • Design better, lower-cost components
  • Decrease risks to design schedules
  • Fix reliability and quality problems faster
  • Be more innovative

The cause of this situation - a knowledge gap

We’ve worked with hundreds of engineers at different companies. They are good, smart engineers. But there’s a knowledge gap that shouldn’t be a surprise – most engineers haven’t had much metallurgy training. So, metals engineering is often overlooked as a way to optimize component designs and solve problems.

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Learn how metals engineering can be leveraged for component design and fixing component problems.


Want to learn how to leverage metals engineering? Attend these webinars.

Principles of Metallurgy Covers metallurgy fundamentals that all engineers should know. Being able to leverage metals engineering starts with learning the science of metals. Sept. 28, 2021

Component Design Learn metals engineering considerations that influence alloy selection and component form. Design headaches can be avoided. More innovation is possible. Sept. 30, 2021

Failure Analysis of Metal Problems. Struggling with reliability and quality problems is unnecessary. And trying to figure out the root cause of problems just by holding meetings is unproductive. Learn the process and tools for failure analysis, and how the data is used to determine the root cause of problems. Sept. 30, 2021

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