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Failure Analysis of Metals


Struggling to determine the root cause of component failures and quality problems?

Do you know the steps to take to quickly solve component reliability and quality problems?

When you receive results from a metallurgical lab, do you know what to do with the data to get to the root cause?

Metallurgical failure analysis is an important step in the process of determining the root cause of component failures and quality problems. But, many people struggle with the steps to take to get the information needed to quickly determine the root cause of problems.

What you will learn

This webinar covers

  • Steps of a metallurgical failure analysis and how it fits in with root cause analysis
  • Common analysis tools used to examine metals, the data obtained, and how the data is used to determine the root cause of a problem

Case studies of component reliability and quality problems will be used to help teach the concepts covered.

Date, time, and registering

Target Audience

Design, manufacturing, and quality engineers.

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