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Aluminum Heat Treating

Precipitation strengthening involves a series of heat treatment steps to bring about changes to the microstructure and properties of wrought and cast aluminum alloys.  Watch this video of a past webinar to learn about the heat treatment steps, their purpose,  the important process parameters, microstructure changes that take place, and the effects on an alloy’s properties.

You will have 14 days access to the webinar recording. A pdf file of the presentation slides is available for download.

Topics that will be covered

  • Aluminum precipitation strengthening heat treating steps and their effects on aluminum microstructure
  • Critical process parameters and their effects on aluminum microstructure and strength
  • Common wrought and cast aluminum alloys that are precipitation strengthened
  • Tests used to evaluate whether an alloy was properly heat treated

The information presented will be helpful for design, manufacturing, and supplier quality engineers responsible for precipitation strengthened components.

Professional Development Hours

A certificate for 1.5 Professional Development Hours (PDH) can be earned after watching the webinar recording and successfully completing a short quiz.


Individual: The fee is $89 per person. After registering you will receive an email with information about how to access the recorded webinar.

Group: Contact us for pricing for group pricing – mp******@im*****.com or 847.528.3467.

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