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Presentation - Stressors and reliability

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The materials in a product's components and joints can degrade due to exposure to use conditions - steel screws corrode when exposed to water, some plastics become brittle when exposed to sunlight, and coatings on surfaces can wear away.

If their materials degrade too much, components and joints will stop functioning as required . This is a problem if it leads to reduction or loss of product performance before the end of a product’s expected life. Identifying the conditions to which materials are exposed and selecting materials that can withstand the exposure is critical for designing products that have good reliability.

A few weeks ago, I gave a presentation through Accendo Reliability about stressors and the materials degradation they can cause. I discussed stressors that act on components and joints, material degradation mechanisms, five sources of stressors, and evaluating the effects of stressors.

The presentation recording is at this link. Viewing the presentation requires the Accendo free membership login

The audio version of the presentation is at this link.

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You can find many 3rd party sites for more information on stressors and reliability.

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