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Podcast Episode 7: Failure Analysis

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In this episode I discuss failure analysis of component and joint failures during product testing or use and manufacturing problems such as supplier quality problems and manufacturing output that doesn't meet specifications. 

Failure analysis is part of performing a root cause analysis to identify the action, event, or decision that led to a failure or manufacturing problem. The information from a root cause analysis is used to either fix a problem - in the case of product design and manufacturing - or assign blame - in the case of an insurance claim or litigation.

It's a critical part of getting the data needed to help determine the root cause of a metal problem.

The discussion includes the steps of a failure analysis, how a metallurgist works with other engineers on a failure analysis and root cause analysis, examples of failure analyses (including one where it was raining in someone's living room), and the analyses performed.

Here's a link to the episode. The episode is about 22 minutes long.

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