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Podcast Episode 13: Product Reliability and Materials Degradation

<a href='https://www.imetllc.com/podcast-episode-13-product-reliability-and-materials-degradation/'>Podcast Episode 13: Product Reliability and Materials Degradation</a>

In this episode I discuss product reliability. Reliability refers to the ability of a product to perform as needed for a period of time. I’m concerned with reliability as it relates to how materials respond when exposed to product use conditions. The use conditions can cause degradation of the materials. I discuss the use conditions that cause degradation and their sources.

This episode is a complement to an article (Designing for Reliability) and short video presentation (Product Reliability and Materials Engineering) available on this website at https://www.imetllc.com/designing-for-reliability/.

The episode is at https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/BX8vtKfNfAb.

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