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On-site training

Interested in cost-effective metallurgy training for your engineering teams?

We're offering a flat-rate package for one-day, on-site training at your office. The training is geared to design, quality, and manufacturing engineers to help them understand the science and engineering of metals so they can solve metal problems faster, have productive conversations with customers, suppliers, and labs, and make better decisions about metals.

The 8-hour session includes the following subjects:

  • Carbon Steel Metallurgy, Stainless Steel Metallurgy, or Aluminum Metallurgy
  • Root Cause Analysis of Metal Problems
  • Failure Analysis of Metal Fractures
  • Materials Selection for Component Design

The fee is $4,750 for up to 20 people. This includes a notebook of the course slides. Travel expenses are extra.

A $500 down payment is required to save a date. The number of training sessions we can handle is limited. So let us know soon if you'd like to sign up.



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