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New workshop series

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Are you tired of dealing with product failures caused by degradation of materials?

Do you want to ensure your design decisions are well-informed and successful?

Look no further!

Our new Reliable Metals workshop series is tailored specifically for design engineers to help them learn fundamental aspects of metal degradation mechanisms and design approaches to prevent component and joint failures due to these degradation mechanisms. Each workshop will be focused on a single, specific degradation mechanism, such as galvanic corrosion, bending fatigue, adhesive wear, or hydrogen embrittlement.

Each 45-minute workshop will cover

  • How a specific type of materials degradation occurs.
  • The factors that contribute to the degradation.
  • Ways to reduce and prevent the degradation through component and joint design.

We want to make it easy for people to take the time to learn and get the benefits. This is why we're breaking down the topics into short, focused presentations. This will give people the flexibility to choose workshops that are relevant to them.

Each workshop will be:

Workshops will be held once a month. The first workshop topic is galvanic corrosion.

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