Metallurgy Webinars for design, manufacturing, and quality engineers

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Our metallurgy training includes on-demand metallurgy courses, webinars, and on-site courses. All are geared to design, manufacturing, and quality engineers.

The training covers practical metallurgy and metals engineering concepts that apply to component design, manufacturing process development, supplier evaluation, and solving reliability and quality problems.

On-demand metallurgy courses and webinars are listed below.

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Close the knowledge gap

Many engineers haven’t had much metallurgy and metals engineering training. So, they get stuck when design decisions and reliability and quality problems come up that involve metals.

Our training helps close this knowledge gap, enabling engineers to:

  • Design better, low-cost components.
  • Fix quality and reliability problems faster.
  • Have better conversations with suppliers, customers, and metallurgical labs.

And be more productive.

General Metallurgy |

Explains metallurgy fundamentals of how alloying, heat treatment, and cold working are used modify metal strength.

Learn the five key metallurgy concepts that are critical understanding and applying metallurgy to improve your manufacturing processes and products. These concepts - crystallinity, phases, phase transformations, diffusion, and dislocations - apply to all metals.


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