Optimize Product Design using Metallurgical Engineering

You may be paying too much for and getting poor performance from the metals used in your products.

Do you know you can affordably engineer metal customized to a specific application?

Set your business on a reliable platform – and outperform the competition – by adding metal design and engineering to your process.

Metallurgy Consulting for Cost Reduction and Improved Quality

Engineering the best metals in your products can bring substantial cost savings and quality improvement. It can also bring improved manufacturability and reduced vulnerability from under-performing or failing products.

Are you satisfied with your company’s answers to these questions?

  • How do we know the metals in our products are the best of the available options?
  • How do we know our components can’t be less expensive and better performing?
  • How long does it take us to fix component quality problems?

Design and Engineering Services

Optimizing the design and manufacturing process by including metallurgical engineering is good for business.


  1. Design optimization brings cost and quality advantages to market faster.
  2. Products depend on their materials as much as they depend on their mechanical form. Engineers sometimes overlook this or do not have the needed professional resource at their disposal.

Many manufacturers have no metallurgist on site. They rely on their supply base to deliver metal with alleged performance and composition. This strategy might work for people willing to live with certain problems, but probably not those seeking a competitive advantage and who hate wasting time on product quality problems.

I will work with your engineering teams to determine the most appropriate metal for your application, considering component form and performance, reliability and cost requirements.

Metals engineering brings solid business value

My clients are proactive on new product designs and want to efficiently respond to problems that occur. They actively seek ways to gain competitive advantage through cost, quality, and performance.

With a metallurgical engineer for a design partner, manufacturers can:

  • Select better materials that cost less and perform better
  • Improve their supplier base
  • Meet design schedules
  • Resolve quality problems faster

Having access to a metals engineer for product development is a strategic asset

Thousands of metal alloys are available to use to make components but … which alloys hit the sweet spot in terms of total cost and performance? Which alloys will protect the brand with the right combination of properties?

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About Me

I am an experienced metallurgical engineer in business to add strategic value to my manufacturing clients. As a 25-year design and manufacturing veteran, I bring authoritative engineering insight for systematic manufacturing excellence.

After working many years on Motorola’s design and quality engineering teams, I now work for hundreds of design and manufacturing executives and engineers to improve their competitive advantage through quality materials and fast problem resolution. I host metal manufacturing webinars to train engineers how to improve their products, and I even wrote a book about it.