Tired product failures and lack of manufacturing solutions?

I can help. With over 25 years working in product design and manufacturing, I am confident I can quickly give you practical solutions that provide lasting results.
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Are you sick and tired of getting nowhere on your issue?

Fed up with meeting after meeting, yet still over weeks, or months, zero improvements?

Sick of putting pressure on your staff, yet nothing gets done?

Tired of trying the same ways to resolve design and production issues, and still getting no results?

I get it. As a metallurgist and consultant to hundreds of companies for over twenty-five years, I have helped many in situations like yours. Manufacturing solutions depend on effective use of metallurgical failure analysis to solve real-world manufacturing and quality problems.

Every week I work with new clients to help them resolve their product design and manufacturing issues and find lasting solutions.

These solutions are out of reach of their engineers because they are not trained in my area of expertise and don’t have the engineering skills and experience needed. This shouldn’t be a surprise - we all have specialized skills and experience. It’s what makes us good at our jobs.

What is important is working together to combine our skills and experience to be successful. This is what happens when we work with a client’s engineering team.

Failure analysis will give you the data and insights you need to be more successful. So, let’s dig into the issue together.

Discover more about our 9-step process

What do you do when your skills and knowledge are not getting the problem resolved?

You bring in the big guns. You bring in a consultant who has the specialized knowledge and skills you need to quickly resolve the issue. Just like putting a hired gun on the payroll in the old west.

How fast can problems be addressed?
Every case is unique. We’ve had cases where the problem was solved in a few days with a phone call and visual and low-power microscope examination. Imagine knowing the answer to your problem days from now.

When a case takes more time, it is still faster than what you are doing now. Most of our clients report full resolution within 30 days. That means they not only know what they need to do, but when the materials and parts are available, they already have the solution in place.

What is the value of knowing exactly how to solve your problem?

If your problem is costing you $100,000 a day or week, what is the value?

Product shipment delays, design delays, and poor product reliability have a big impact on people’s business and reputation. So, they know the importance of fixing problems fast, and making sure they don’t return.

If you want the situation to change you must look at things from a fresh perspective. That is exactly what I offer.

Take a quick look at my unique 9-step process. It was developed to make sure you get the result you are looking for. This process was refined over 25 years of professional work, based on working with hundreds of clients making a wide variety of products.

Take action now and talk with the top Metallurgist in the nation.

It sounds like hype but look up metallurgist on Google or your other favorite search engine. You will find us there at the top. It may be how you found us today.

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