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Leveraging Metals Science

Missed opportunities

Millions of components are made of metal. Yet, many companies overlook metals engineering
when designing components and solving reliability and quality problems.

The result is missed opportunities to...

  • Cut component costs
  • Decrease risks to design schedules
  • Develop more innovative designs
  • Fix reliability and quality problems faster

Leveraging metals engineering enables taking advantage of many missed opportunities.

Two engineering factors

The performance, reliability, and cost of any component depends on two factors: component form
and component materials.

Both form and materials can be engineered to optimize a component’s design. But most design
engineers focus on engineering a component’s form.

Knowledge gap

We’ve worked with hundreds of engineers at different companies. They are good, smart engineers.
But there’s a knowledge gap that shouldn’t be a surprise – most engineers haven’t had much metallurgy
training. So, they don’t know how to leverage metals engineering to optimize component designs and
solve problems.

Closing the gap

We provide metals engineering expertise and training to help companies leverage metals engineering.
We work with engineering teams to help with component design and solving problems. Our training
covers practical aspects of metallurgy and metals engineering and is geared to design, manufacturing,
and quality engineers.


Applying metals engineering to product design is not a new idea, but it is transformative. It enables lower
costs, more innovation, fewer unpleasant surprises, and improved productivity.

Product design and manufacturing is complicated. Why not take advantage of every tool available to make
things easier and gain a competitive advantage?

Is this right for you?

Call or email if you’re interested in chatting to learn more – mike@imetllc.com 847.528.3467. Or complete
the form below. We’ll discuss your product challenges and whether our approach is a good fit.
It won’t be a sales call.

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    About Me

    I am an experienced metallurgical engineer in business to add strategic value to my manufacturing clients.
    As a 25-year design and manufacturing veteran, I bring authoritative engineering insight for systematic
    manufacturing excellence.

    After working many years on Motorola’s design and quality engineering teams, I now work for hundreds of
    design and manufacturing executives and engineers to improve their competitive advantage through quality
    materials and fast problem resolution. I host metal manufacturing webinars to train engineers how to improve
    their products, and I even wrote a book about it.


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