Product design and manufacturing is complicated. So, why not take advantage of every tool available to make things easier and gain a competitive advantage?

Millions of components are made of metal. Yet, metals engineering is overlooked by many organizations as an approach to designing components and solving problems. The result is missed opportunities to:

  • Cut component costs by using lower-cost alloys and alloys that enable easier, less-expensive fabrication.
  • Decrease risks to design schedules by selecting metals that provide the needed reliability, so products pass tests the first time.
  • Innovate better products by considering wider ranges of alloys and processing options that offer better performance, better reliability, and lower cost.
  • Fix quality problems faster by knowing how to get the information needed and what to do with the information.

It is possible to take advantage of these opportunities by applying metals engineering to design and manufacturing decisions and problems.

Knowledge gap

The engineers we have worked with are good, smart engineers who understand key principles of product design and manufacturing. But there’s a knowledge gap – most haven’t had much metallurgy training. So, they don’t consider metals engineering to help optimize component designs and solve problems.

Also, many engineering organizations don’t have metals engineers on staff. Instead, engineers

  • Rely on suppliers or the internet for metals information.
  • Are often unaware of how to engineer metals to design better, lower-cost components.
  • Don’t know how to get the information needed to solve quality and reliability problems, so problems linger.

This situation is okay for companies willing to accept the status quo. But companies actively seeking a competitive advantage should close the knowledge gap to take advantage of the missed opportunities.

Closing the gap

This is where we come in. We provide metals engineering expertise and training to help companies take advantage of opportunities to cut costs, improve designs, innovate, and quickly fix problems.

We work with engineering teams to help with component design and solving problems. Our training covers practical aspects of metallurgy and metals engineering and is geared to design, manufacturing, and quality engineers.

Is this right for you?

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    After working many years on Motorola’s design and quality engineering teams, I now work for hundreds of design and manufacturing executives and engineers to improve their competitive advantage through quality materials and fast problem resolution. I host metal manufacturing webinars to train engineers how to improve their products, and I even wrote a book about it.