Innovating Metals

Metals engineering and innovation

Millions of components are made of metal. Yet, metals engineering is overlooked by many organizations as an approach to designing components. The result – missed opportunities to innovate better, lower-cost products.

This situation might be okay for companies willing to accept the status quo. But companies actively seeking a competitive advantage should consider taking steps to incorporate metals engineering into their product design process, and take advantage of the missed opportunities.

Business case for including metals engineering

Including metals engineering means considering:

  • More alloys and fabrication options that offer better performance, better reliability, and lower cost.
  • Ease of component fabrication to enable lower costs and fewer supplier quality problems.
  • Reliability concerns that can cause development delays

How great would it be to do all these, with no risk:

  • Improve product performance and quality
  • Innovate better products
  • Reduce manufacturing cost

Why metals engineering is overlooked

The science behind metals engineering is well-established, but metals science is underleveraged. The reason is the common perspective that mechanical aspects of component design are more important than the metals in components.

The root cause of this is a knowledge gap, not ability. Many engineers have little knowledge of metallurgy fundamentals and how metals can be engineered for performance and cost.

Metals engineering transforms product design

Working closely with design teams, I help engineer the metals in components to optimize designs to meet performance and reliability requirements at low cost. This is accomplished without significant investment.

Applying metals engineering to product design is not a new idea, but it is transformative. It enables better design, manufacturing, and supplier decisions that result in better products, lower costs, and fewer problems.

You could be designing better, lower-cost products

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