Innovating Metals

Metals Engineering Transforms Product Design

How great would it be to do all these, with no risk:

  • improve product quality and performance
  • innovate better products
  • reduce manufacturing cost

That’s precisely what my metallurgical engineering services have accomplished for dozens of manufacturers. We help design teams engineer the metals in components to optimize designs so they meet performance and reliability requirements at low cost. And this is accomplished without significant investment.

Using metals engineering to design and engineer products is not a new idea, but it is transformative. It enables better design, manufacturing, and supplier decisions that result in better products, lower costs, and fewer problems.

For decades, metals engineering has been overlooked by most companies. Instead, unnecessary problems due to sub-optimum component designs are accepted as a fact of life – leaving millions of dollars on the table!

There is a better way. While metals engineering is not practiced in most companies, the science behind it is well established.

The business case for metals engineering

Engineer your products’ metals for these reasons:

  1. Reduce bill of material costs.
  2. Improve component manufacturability (and reduce costs)
  3. Solve product test failures and quality problems faster
  4. Minimize costs of poor supplier quality.

Stop treating metal as a commodity! Treat it as an opportunity, with no risk.

Why metals engineering is overlooked

A common perspective among product designers is that mechanical aspects of component design are more important than the metals in components. As a result, metals engineering is overlooked as a way to optimize component performance, reliability, and total cost.

The root cause of this is a knowledge gap, not ability. Many engineers have little knowledge of metallurgy fundamentals and how metals can be engineered for performance and cost.

You could be designing better, lower-cost products

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