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How Metals Engineering Fits In

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I’ve been working for over 30 years as a metals and materials engineer. My engineering career started as a process engineer in an integrated chip factory and then I moved on to a product engineering group where I helped with product design, supplier evaluation, reliability testing, writing materials specifications, and failure analysis and root cause analysis. I worked with design, manufacturing, testing, and quality engineers.

Through all this I saw firsthand the impact of metals engineering (actually, materials engineering in general) on manufacturing cost, quality, and throughput and product cost, performance, and reliability.

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However, most engineers think about metals engineering only for failure analysis. They don’t think about it for other aspects of product design and manufacturing. Many companies don’t have a metallurgist on staff. While these companies may still produce good products, they are missing opportunities to be more profitable, more innovative, and more productive.

The rest of this article discusses how metals engineering fits in to help make better, lower-cost products, while improving productivity and reducing stress.

Metals engineering is applied to …

Next steps

Recognizing when metallurgy and metals engineering expertise is needed is important for making the improvements discussed above. One clue that you might need metallurgy training or help - you’re spinning your wheels. If that’s the case, check out our courses, videos, webinars, and consulting options.

Also, watch the video above and listen to this Metals Conversations podcast episode on the same topic. Future articles, videos, and podcasts will provide more details and examples for the specific areas where metals engineering is important. Read, watch, and listen to them to learn how to apply metals engineering to make better, lower-cost products with less stress and fewer hassles.

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