Metals engineering consulting, failure analysis, and metals science and engineering training

We provide metals engineering expertise to help design and manufacturing companies …

  • Design better, lower-cost components
  • Identify product reliability risks to prevent product delays
  • Reduce quality problems
  • Fix quality and reliability problems

Failure Analysis

We help with failure analysis of quality problems and components that fail during testing and use. Go to our failure analysis page for information about our process, capabilities, and experience. Or just call or email 847.528.3467 mike@imetllc.com. Or complete the form below.

Metals engineering services

Product design and manufacturing is complicated. So, why not take advantage of every tool available to make things easier?

Even though millions of components are made of metal, metals science and engineering are woefully underleveraged at many companies. The result is missed opportunities to:

  • Cut component costs. Use lower-cost alloys and alloys that enable easier, less-expensive fabrication to cut costs.
  • Decrease risks to design schedules. Select alloys that provide the needed reliability, so products pass tests the first time.
  • Be more innovative. Consider wider ranges of alloys and processing options that offer better performance, better reliability, and lower cost.
  • Fix quality problems faster. Know how to get the information needed and what to do with the information.

Most engineers understand key principles of product design and manufacturing, but they are not metals engineering experts. We will work with your engineering team and provide the metals engineering expertise needed to help you improve profits and productivity.

Metals science and engineering training
If you are interested in improving your metallurgy and metals engineering knowledge, go to our Metallurgy Courses page. It shows lists of our courses and webinars.

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