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Group Training

Custom Group Training

We offer custom training packages for courses, videos, webinars, and on-site training.

The steps:

  1. Meet to discuss your training needs and objectives.
  2. Develop a training package that meets your needs.
  3. Start learning.

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Our metallurgy courses are recommended and sold by SAE InternationalAmerican Welding Society, Metal Service Center Institute, and Hand Tools Institute.

SAE InternationalHand Tools InstituteMetals Service Center InstituteFabrications and Manufacturers Association
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Custom training options

Metallurgy training packages can include:

  • Any combination of online courses, videos, webinars, virtual workshops, and on-site training.
  • Virtual workshops and on-site training.
  • License our online courses and videos for use on your learning management system.
  • Other ideas - we're flexible.

Let's discuss your training needs and objectives. Complete this form to set up a meeting.

Watch this example of our great training - Two Fundamental Metallurgy Principles

Why metallurgy training?

So you can be more productive and have more confidence when dealing with metals.

You'll learn practical aspects of metallurgy that apply to real-world decisions and problems. A solid understanding of metallurgy fundamentals, how metals behave, and how to analyze metals will help you

  • Design better, lower-cost components
  • Solve component failures and quality problems faster
  • Have productive conversations about metals with suppliers, customers, and metallurgical labs

And be more confident and productive when dealing with metals related decisions and problems.

Want to learn more?

Let's discuss your training needs and objectives. Complete this form to set up a meeting.

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