Need help with a metal failure analysis? – 2

Fast Failure Analysis and Metallurgical Solutions

If your company is having a quality problem or metal failure, chances are you need more than just somebody who hands you a metallurgy report. You need someone who will work with you or your team to:

  1. Identify which analyses to perform.
  2. Explain the results and how to use them to determine the root cause of the problem or failure.
  3. Present a solution for engineering the fix.

You also need someone who will help you do this fast!

Many people think  quality problems or  product failures are a fact of life. Maybe they think the cost of fixing the problem isn’t worth it. However, these lingering problems add up to big cost factors.

I help companies fix problems quickly so they can get on with designing and manufacturing their products.

Professional Failure Analysis for Quick Recovery

With metallurgy expertise and years of experience as a design and manufacturing engineer I bring efficient solutions to Root Cause Analyses and Failure Analyses. After more than 25 years working with some of the world’s most productive companies, I have the expertise to help you understand the metallurgical analyses required to get the right decision-making information and help you use the analysis information to determine the root cause of a metal failure to quickly resolve the problem.

No more getting a metallurgical lab report and then trying to decipher it so you can use the information to determine the root cause of the problem.

How can you know if the problem is with the metal itself (and its supplier), with the component manufacturing process, or with the design?

Call me today and get the answers you need about metal failure. I guarantee you will be able to fully understand, explain, and resolve the problem.

Make better decisions about metal component failures, quickly

Let’s talk about your problem today for improved product quality and reliability in the days ahead.