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September 21, 2022

Podcast Episode 6: You have to think small to understand metallurgy

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There are microscopic structures and processes in metals that have large effects on metal properties, performance, and reliability. Being able to conceptualize these structures and processes goes a long way toward understanding the behavior of metals and the effects of mechanical processing and heat treating on metal properties. In this episode I discuss some of the microscopic structures and their effects on metal properties.

I also discuss recent projects and a bonus at the end - some details about my recent trip to Seward, Alaska

Here's a link to the episode. The episode is about 20 minutes long. (Apologies up front - I recorded this episode using the wrong microphone. So, the sound quality is fair. I'll do better next time.)

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A written and shorter version of this podcast is at https://www.imetllc.com/thinking-small/.

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