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Design for Reliability - Webinar Recording

Free access to 5 Key Metallurgy Concepts webinar video.

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We recently taught a Speedy Webinar on Design for Reliability. The video recording of the webinar is now available for purchase. It's only 30 minutes long, but packed with information.

The topics covered are

Designing in reliability

The materials used in a product's component can degrade due to exposure to use conditions. Steel screws corrode when exposed to water, fatigue cracks form in vibrating components, and coatings wear away. For mechanical components, degradation mechanisms include fatigue, creep, wear, corrosion, embrittlement, and others. For electrical components, degradation mechanisms include dielectric breakdown, electromigration, and others.

Components fail when there is too much degradation. This is a problem if the failure leads to loss of product performance before the end of its expected life.

Identifying the conditions to which materials are exposed and selecting materials that can withstand the exposure is a critical part of designing products that have good reliability.

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