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Industrial Metallurgists is a training and consulting company that provides high quality training for engineers and technicians on the latest metallurgical and processing technology.

We offer customized metallurgy training packages that can include:

  • Any combination of online courses, videos, webinars, virtual workshops, and on-site training.
  • Custom virtual workshops and on-site training developed for you.
  • Licensing our online courses and videos for use on your learning management system.

The first step is to discuss your training needs and objectives. Complete this form to set up a meeting.

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We have over two decades of experience providing training to design, manufacturing, and quality engineers and technicians, with a practical approach to developing knowledge and skills.

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We also provides expert consulting services to enterprises who face challenges due to the lack of technical knowledge or capacity. With a focus on helping you deliver high-quality products on time, we help you solve problems faster, deliver quality products faster, and make better decisions.


Bundles can be made from courses, presentation videos, live training. Here are examples:

  1. All-access  - Link to product page
  2. POM + Steel metallurgy  - Link to product page
  3. All videos - Link to product page

Let's discuss your training needs and objectives. Complete this form to set up a meeting.

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Who we train

Our training is targeted to design, manufacturing, and quality engineers. We also train people in procurement and metal sales.

Our goal is to give people a solid understanding of metallurgy, how metals behave, and how to analyze metals so they can...

  • Design better, lower-cost components
  • Develop capable manufacturing processes
  • Solve component failures and quality problems faster
  • Have more productive conversations with suppliers, customers, and engineers
  • Better assess supplier capabilities

Additionally, the knowledge gained will help people be more confident and productive when dealing with metals related decisions and problems.

Want to learn more?

Let's discuss your training needs and objectives. Complete this form to set up a meeting.

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