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1-hour metals engineering consultation

<a href='https://www.imetllc.com/1-hour-metals-engineering-consultation/'>1-hour metals engineering consultation</a>

We just announced a new offering - a 1-hour metals engineering consultation. It's for design and manufacturing companies and organizations that have metallurgy questions or are facing a decision or problem that involve metals. Regardless of the issue, they want metallurgy and metals engineering input from an expert, but don't have a metallurgical engineer on staff.

We handle all aspects of product design and manufacturing decisions, questions, and problems involving metals. Decisions include component design, cost reduction, manufacturing quality improvement, and supplier evaluation. Problems include component failures and supplier and manufacturing quality issues. And many people just need answer to metallurgy questions to better understand the materials and processes they're using and have better conversations with suppliers, customers, and colleagues.

For decisions and problems the consultation is meant to help people understand their options, data and information that's needed, and their next steps. It'll give people a sense of clarity and confidence that they are on the right path.

People will be amazed at how much ground can be covered in a focused, one-hour meeting.

Setting up a meeting is easy. Just go to https://www.imetllc.com/1-hour-consultation/, add the hour to your shopping cart, and pay. You'll then receive an email about providing some details about the issues and to set up a time to meet.

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