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Length: 4 Hours • CEUs: 0.4

This is our most popular course.  It teaches 3 key principles about metals:

    1. The microscopic structures present in metals.
    2. How microstructure and alloy composition influence metal strength.
    3. How common manufacturing processes are used to modify metal microstructure to obtain desired mechanical properties.

This information will help you: solve and avoid problems, engineer and optimize metals and processes, and ask suppliers better questions.

At the same time, it will help organizations: avoid project cost overruns, prevent schedule delays, reduce risk, and achieve better results.

Additional Course Highlights:

  • Designed for engineers who want an introduction to metallurgy, or want to refresh what they learned years ago in a college metallurgy course.
  • Concepts are applicable to all alloys, with examples provided for aluminum, brass, and steel alloys.
  • Accessible and informative -- often described as “metallurgy for non-metallurgists.”
  • Highly efficient and focused 4-hour online learning -- no wasted time commuting or spending weeks in a classroom.

What Topics Does this Course Cover?Preview PrinciplesofMetallurgy

The course consists of 12 modules and a final exam.
Modules are 5 to 25 minutes long and cover these subjects:

  • Alloy composition
  • Microscopic structures and how they influence metal mechanical properties.
  • Effects of heat treating on microscopic structures.
  • Effects of cold working on microscopic structures and metal strength.
  • Steel metallurgy & strengthening.

This course teaches:

  1. Microscopic structures present in metals and how they influence mechanical properties.
  2. How alloying, cold working, and heat treating are used to strengthen a metal.
  3. Microstructure and property changes that occur in cold worked metals during annealing, in steels during through hardening, and during precipitation strengthening heat treating.
  4. Influence of heat treatment time and temperature on microscopic structures and properties of metals.

Is This Course Right For You?computer-guy

This course was designed for:

Engineers: design, manufacturing, and quality engineers.
Sales people and purchasing agents who have metallurgy discussions with suppliers and customers


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Hear What Past Students Have Said...

“Principles of Metallurgy provides a practical review of fundamental principles. I recommend this course to any engineer who has been out of school and working in industry for several years.”

Andy J., Staff Engineer, DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.

The Principles of Metallurgy course is broken up into convenient length modules that can be fit into the busiest schedule. The course is a good review for engineers who had a materials class ten or more years ago.

Paul F. B/E Aerospace

Overall, I am thrilled with the content of Principles of Metallurgy. Even the most technical aspects of the course were covered thoughtfully and comprehensively.

Shawn S.,  Dir. Process Eng. and Tech., The Schnipke Engraving Company

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