Optimize Materials to Transform & Improve Products

To me, good selection and control of the materials used in a product is critical to the success of the product.  The materials must have the composition, microstructure, and properties that enable the product to meet its performance, reliability, and cost requirements. The situations that have a huge influence on whether the materials enables a product’s success include:

  • Materials selection for new products and cost reduction
  • Manufacturing process development
  • Supplier evaluation and selection
  • Finding the root cause of product and manufacturing failures

When engineering teams face difficult design, manufacturing, or supplier decisions or need to solve pressing quality problems they want confidence that they have the right action plan and that the information they need will be obtained quickly.  I help develop the plans and then get the information needed to confidently make engineering decisions that enable successful products and avoid costly mistakes.

How I Can Help You
My approach is to use the materials engineering perspective to help engineering teams identify and implement materials engineering solutions that optimize product performance, reliability, and cost.

I’ll help you develop an action plan and get the information needed to face design, manufacturing, supplier, and cost decisions and problems.  The information will allow you to confidently make engineering decisions that will transform and improve your products.  I do this by becoming part of your engineering team, working with you and your team, and becoming invested in your success.  The materials engineering perspective combined with my broad expertise in product design and manufacturing, enables me to uniquely help clients transform their products.

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