Engineer the Materials in Your Products

Materials have a huge impact on product cost, performance, and reliability – and ultimately on product success.  Selecting sub-optimum materials or suppliers means delayed schedules, low manufacturing yields, product failures, and high costs.

Let me help improve and possibly transform your products by helping you engineer the materials in your products. I can work with you directly or you can take my metallurgy courses.  Either way, you will get the information needed to confidently make design and manufacturing decisions and solve problems.

Engineering consulting
Whether it’s selecting a material for a new design or cost reduction, developing a manufacturing process, evaluating a supplier, or performing a failure analysis, I help clients engineer the materials in their products to enable successful products. Click here to learn more about consulting services.

Metallurgy training
I’m making metallurgy knowledge accessible to non-metallurgists through engaging training courses.  The knowledge you’ll gain will empower you to confidently make well-informed design, manufacturing, and supplier decisions.  Click here to learn more about metallurgy courses.

My Background
I have over 20 years experience engineering products and manufacturing processes, including

  • Product development (determine design requirements, select materials, reliability testing)
  • Manufacturing process development and quality improvement
  • Supplier evaluation and selection
  • Cost reduction
  • Failure analysis and root cause analysis

This unique, broad experience enables me to bring multiple perspectives to help you with product design and manufacturing challenges.

I received a B.S. and M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from University of Illinois and a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University.  After graduating I worked 13 years at Motorola as a manufacturing engineer in an integrated circuit factory and as a design/quality/cost reduction engineer (yes, all three at once) for automotive electronics.  During all this I learned and applied the engineering techniques required to design and manufacture great products.

After gaining all this experience and knowledge I wrote a book  – Materials Enabled Designs – that discusses how to make design and manufacturing decisions in order to optimize the materials used in a product so that the product meets performance, reliability, and cost requirements.

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